You get I what I mean

The best person to describe me is not me. We can’t say we fully know ourselves because perception is different from reality.

But, since it’s our first time meeting and  I believe your curios about who I am, here’s 10 things I know about myself:

1. I was named after Roman Polanski. Do I feel privileged? (Click on the link)

2. I am the jack-of-all-trades. I played basketball varsity in High School (A little bit in college), played 2 years of competitive Ultimate Frisbee, I Skin Dive, I played in a National Age Group open for Badminton(placed 3rd overall) and I played a little Futsal/Football too.

3. I am student of life, I love going against the flow and I can be twisted evil genius at times.

4. I have been in college for 7 years.

5. I am currently recovering from one of the biggest disappoints in my life.


6. I eat John Maxwell for Breakfast, Tim Ferris for lunch and Neil Strauss for dinner.

7. I am not a fan of being told what to do with my life, I have a problem with following authority and I hate the idea of the 9-5 job.

8. I ask Howl to contribute in Lifestyle Scientist because I want learn more about Attraction and Seduction techniques and basically I am just plain lazy.

9. I believe life is too short, so try everything as long as your alive.

10. My Philosophy in Life: “I always believe that we can do great things, we are bigger than who we are and more powerful than we think. It’s a matter of belief, courage and action.”


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