Walking Under the Scorching Heat of the Sun

19 04 2011

I was walking in “Krus Na Ligas” looking for a “room for rent” or “Bedspace” to stay-in for the summer while I complete my “INCOMPLETE” grading in one of my subjects.

Today, was so damn  hot. My sweat glands getting milked like a cow attached to a juicing machine. I looked awful, you’d be like digusted if you saw the amount of perspiration that my glands has produced.

I am not here to talk about me getting all sweaty, smelly and shitty(sorry for my French).

2 years ago, I made long term plans, that I was absolutely very excited of accomplishing this year, but  it did NOT freakin’ happen.I took it so damn hard that it had paralyzed me for a month and a half resulting into no graduation walk, my creditors getting disappointed and worst being a freakin mess.

I felt that I did not only let down myself but I let down  my family, who needs it most at this time of increasing gas prices, my friends who I lost along the way because of the different path I was taking, my mentors and coaches who gave there time, effort, energy, patience and knowledge, my relatives that I was bothering asking for help and support.

What happened?

1. Too much Confidence.

I thought I was the best. I thought I can do almost anything, I felt as though I can conquer the world because I knew I was talented, I knew of what I was capable of but that state of mind was wrong. Being to confident and not having a level of humbleness in me destroyed me. Since, I was all too confident of me, I took mediocre actions. Since, I believed in me, I  did not listen to what most of my mentors said. Since, I was “The Man”, I worked alone.

2. Too much Focus on the Goals.

Are you familiar with the quote, ““Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.” or “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”. I focused too much energy on the goals that hadn’t happened yet and sent little on the actions I needed to do, to get what I want.

3. Mastery of Procrastination.

To make this short, I am so damn “LAZY”. If I can prolong finsihing something, I would, If I had a choice not to do something I need to do, I would sleep away.

4. High Action, No Plan of Action.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I took action but I had no direction. It was like driving in an endless road expecting to it a brick wall.

5. Lack of Full Commitment.

“99% commitment is no commitment at all.”

I believed in my goals and my dreams but I did not put 100% of my belief and commitment. I gave up easily in uncomfortable moments and did not finish things I needed to finish.




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