Our house mascot is getting bigger everyday

20 04 2011

Our house mascot is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

His name is “Kobe” named after Kobe Bryant,  because my dad hate the lakers.

Kobe likes to bite my addidas,

Lick my leg.

And chase me all over the place.

That’s our house mascot and he is growing so fast.




2 responses

22 04 2011
Simple Things in Mind

Cute dog! What breed is your dog? I have a dogs, too..1 azkal (azkal talaga ee, no..hehe) and 1 japanese spitz. They are both males and they served as my anti-stress 🙂

23 04 2011


I actually don’t know what breed “Kobe” is (maybe your right azkal ata) but I do agree dogs serve as an amazing anti-stress/ mind relaxer to me and my folks. Though his nails hurt from all the scratching and my legs is drenched from all the licking. But all in all, I love our house mascot.

Armand Polanski

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