5 Lessons I Learned Ever Since Lifestyle Scientist Started

17 05 2011

Lifestyle Scientist is my first ever “serious blog”. Recently, I was having some breakdowns on my blogging. It really hurts for me to go zero post production in Lifestyle Scientist for 1 week and almost a whole. It felt like I was committing a huge blogging sin.

For the past two days, I was trying to figure out, why  I was not able to produce post ideas,  at the same time, I was trying to get a post up but I gave up after 2 hours of thinking because nothing came out of my screen. I never knew producing consistent blog post will be this hard because before I was able to produce 2 to 4 blog post in a day and It only takes me 2 hours to finish all of them.

Good News, I was doing some reflecting and I realize some of my downfalls, mistakes, things that did good for me and now I am putting it into writing.

5 Lessons I Learned Ever Since Lifestyle Scientist Started

#1 “Lance Armstrong became Lance Armstrong because he was Lance Armstrong all the time, every hour, every minute and every second. Professional Blogging is like Professional Sports, to be a successful; be consistent. “

#2 “A Sniper hits the target because he puts 100% laser focus to the head of his target. Focus is  the ability to weed out distractions and zero on your target.”

#3 “There are 62,+++ blogs born everyday, 5-10% of those stay and succeed, why not use it to your advantage? Leverage on other people who had done better than you that succeeded and stayed. Seek their guidance and mentoring.”

#4 “Machine Guns when loaded  and fired can overwhelm your enemy but it takes a long time to reload. Ideas when they start firing, they hit you nonstop  but when it doesn’t fire any more, it takes longer time to restart firing again. Be ready with your Capture Note All The Time and write everything in mind.”

#5 “Blog like crazy. Write about anything in the air.” 




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23 05 2011
Marco Lee

Hey Armand, glad to stumble upon you. I think one of the reasons why some can’t produce posts when they need one is because… they are actually trying too much. Thinking too much about it. What I actually do is to get some time off. Experience new things, learn new stuff.

23 05 2011


Thank you for dropping by. I agree with,

“I think one of the reasons why some can’t produce posts when they need one is because… they are actually trying too much.”

I actually was doing this before, whenever this happens. I do other stuff, sleep, workout, watch movies, walk around our subdivision, have a chat with friends and usually in the middle of what I am doing a topic comes to mind. It just shows that to be able to right find inspiration or keep doing anything and a post will appear. Thank you for dropping by.

18 05 2011

Hey Aramand. Congrats on getting started. You know what’s one positive about having a new blog? You can write about anything. Of course you should focus on your niche but you get to try out so many things. When you have the huge traffic coming in then you’ll have to make sure you’re putting up valuable content all the time.

Then you see what post gets the most comments, most view and you can refocus and shoot again.

19 05 2011

Hey Benny, Thank you for stopping by.

That’s the great thing about starting, you start out fresh and zero knowledge. I am currently working on building my style of writing and creating my consistent niche post. It’s really a challenge for me and I am enjoying the moment.

Later Days!

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