Two Pre-Requisites for your Dream Lifestyle

20 05 2011

Mone on Hand

Whatever lifestyle you want to attain 3-5 years from now, it will require two things; overflowing Money and control over your Time.

If you think Money is Not Important, Think Again

Money is the only thing that can give us almost anything we want and I mean anything. It can buy us the tangible things, some say it cannot buy things like happiness, fulfillment and other intangible object but it can act as a bridge for us to achieve this things.

Money is very crucial because it will give us the time we need to do everything we want, resources or funding to buy the services and tools we need for our chosen lifestyle and freedom to choose from the hundreds of things we can do. But take note, you don’t need to have excessive cash like millions and millions of dollars or even billions and billions of it because after all what’s important is living living the lifestyle you desire.

Step by Step Action Plan:

1. Plan your Dream Lifestyle with clarity and detail. It can be:

-1 place to visit
-1 thing to do before you die (a memory of a lifetime)
-1 thing to do daily
-1 thing to do weekly
-1 thing you’ve always wanted to learn)

2. Calculate your Dream Lifestyle.

3. Find a Financial Vehicle the can take you there and work on achieving your goal income in 3-6 months.

4. Start taking Action and plan along the way.

5. Seek Mentoring and guidance from those who made it in the Financial Vehicle you chose.

It Goes Hand in Hand

If you want to achieve the Dream Lifestyle, Money and Time goes hand in hand.

This is what we entrepreneurs call “Time and Money Freedom”, “Passive Income” or “Residual Income”. It is money flowing even if you are a asleep, eating or even taking a dump. Just imagine the number of things that you can do if you have income freely flowing into your bank account every month.

What will you feel if you have that kind of time and money? How will you spend this kind of freedom? Will you go and get a tan at the Beaches of the Bahamas, surf the waves of Costa Rica, see the leaning tower of Pisa or trek the Great Wall of China?

The term “Passive Income” sounds very nice but it  will require a good choice of Financial Vehicle , willingness to step out of the comfort zone, a lot of hard work and consistent action.

Questions to ask if you chose a good Financial Vehicle:

1. Can it run without me being there 24/7, even months or years and see it running but even better?(Reminder: You still need to do hands on work for you chosen Financial Vehicle to work.)

2. How far can I expand?(Globally or Locally)

3. Is it in trend?(Will there be a great demand in the long term?)

4. Do I believe in what I provide?

5. Can I do this 10-20 years?

Passive Income is not easy to achieve because if it did, most of us would not be looking for an 8-5 .  Same with our Dream Lifestyle,it is not a walk in a park, life makes us pay our dues first before we receive it’s gifts.

Dream Big, Plan and Take Action!




17 responses

31 05 2011
Stephen Guise

This is great. I agree with you that money is a bridge to many things that affect happiness. I am very happy when I can travel around the world, but I can’t do it without money!

I like your idea of calculating how expensive a particular lifestyle would be. That is very smart and almost nobody does that. Thanks for this Armand.

1 06 2011

For most of us, we think that we need tons of money to live the life we desire but little do they know, the lifestyle they desire does not require that much money.

This way of thinking results in inaction because of they think of it as a huge brick wall.

Thank you for dropping in a comment, Stephen!

31 05 2011

I loved the 4HWW. It opened my eyes up to realize that time is more valuable than money. What good is money if we don’t have any time to enjoy it?

I’d rather do what I love and get paid enough to cover the bills, live comfortably and take a trip a couple times a year.

1 06 2011

4HWW really is an eye opener.

What I loved about 4HWW is the new definition it gave to being “Rich” or TIm’s term “New Rich”. It has change the game of designing your lifestyle and made our dreams seem more reachable.

Thank you for dropping by Benny!

30 05 2011

Great post! I definitely agree that you need an action plan to realize your goals. I have goals for every milestone in my life and I review and update them all the time.

30 05 2011

That’s really great to here that you keep on reflecting and re-plannning your goals. See you Around! More Power!

25 05 2011

The ending sentence “Dream Big, Plan and Take Action!” is one to live by! Great post – planning is good. Sure, I may plan my shopping trips or purchases, but I also plan my life and I feel that it helps a lot. By having a sense of direction I am able to know where exactly it is I am going or what I need to be done to achieve my goals.

25 05 2011


That’s really great to hear that you plan where you go. The more we know and visual see how we can get to our goals, it will be easier for us to reach our goals.

Thank you for dropping.

I love the design of your website.
Did your personal do that on your own?

24 05 2011

Wonderful post Armand and I do agree. I know that when a lot of people think they want money they aren’t thinking about what the money can do for them. But let’s face it, we can’t do anything in life without it unfortunately.

You definitely gave us a wonderful road map of what it takes in order to have a dream lifestyle. Just follow the dots! 🙂


24 05 2011


If we understand money is important we take care of it but for some they don’t understand it’s value.Thank you very much for dropping by. I really appreciate you stopping by, it really means a lot for me.

More Power!

24 05 2011

Excellent post!

24 05 2011

Thank you for Dropping by Raffy! I like your about me page. Very Provoking!

23 05 2011
Jyoti Mishra

Indeed money is everything in today’s global world.
A very wise man used to say
Money is not everything, but you can use this phrase when you have sufficient in your hands.

Nice post !!

23 05 2011


Thank you for the Quote! I agree, we can only say money is not everything once we have a lot of it because at that point we start to look for more intangible things like love, self-esteem, self-actualization, happiness, belongingness, service, charity etc.

We follow the Maslow hierarchy of needs, once we have fulfilled our very basic physiological needs, we look for something beyond it.

23 05 2011
Jyoti Mishra

I agree.
we need a high dose of satisfaction to see beyond materialistic world.

20 05 2011
kesi ayvi

does it really have to be overflowing? i mean, the money…
what if my dream lifestyle is just simple? I just want to have a complete and happy family. I just want to become a good wife to my husband and a good mom to my kids in the future. I want to provide their needs. But it doesn’t mean i need to have “overflowing money”. kasi nga gusto ko lang ng simpleng pamumuhay.

This comment doesn’t mean na hindi ko nagustuhan ang isinulat mo. In fact, gusto ko siya. it’s just that siguro intended itong blog sa ibang audience. nagkataon lang na binasa ko at hindi ako part ng audience na ‘yon.


22 05 2011


Lifestyle is how we choose to live our lives. That’s your choice but it still will cost money(maybe overflowing or not) and wouldn’t it be better if you know how much will it cost?

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