An Introduction to Seduction

26 05 2011

The Baby and The Duck

As the introductory post on Seduction here  at the Lifestyle Scientist, I’d like to define the topic first. So before we head any deeper…

Seduction originally meant “to lead astray” with its Italian root word being“seducere”: which meant if you were a kid in Renaissance Italy, and were chasing away a duck with a stick instead of running errands for your Mama, then you have been led astray by a duck. You had just been seduced.

Three hundred years later.

Modern social science tells us that the definition of words lie in the speakers’ usage of the word. This means that how you would use the word is its meaning, regardless of what the dictionary says.  So how do you use the word seduction, if at all?

As an introduction, let me show you two possible new meanings and concepts we can apply seduction to, besides the prevailing meanings and concepts we can already find in popular culture.

Let’s use the original meaning of seduction to compare with the other word-concepts for now,  “To Lead Astray.”

1. Persuasion. “action of inducing (someone) to believe (something)”

From its roots, persuasion is  like a sister concept to seduction. From this alone, imagine all the great speakers and orators as mass seducers, able to captivate and distract their audiences.

Leading astray with words.

2. Charisma. “grace, talent from God”, kharizesthai “to show favor to,”,  kharis“grace, beauty, kindness”

From charisma’s roots, we can see that its origins are much more mystical, and the person who has charisma is akin to the Divine. From here, we can see that this is much harder to explain, since instead of being a skill (as in persuasion), charisma seems to be not learnt, but given from God. Now think of all the people you find charismatic, the people whose opinions matter and whose actions you model yourself after, the people who just have this something about them that you can’t explain.

Leading astray with presence.

Of course, we can tie in seduction to a lot of other meanings, but two concepts are enough for now.

Now that we’ve expanded the meaning of seduction to cover both persuasion and charisma as part of the whole process, I can write about it further, expecting that we are on the same page.

Salut, mon ami/mon amie!  (Goodbye my friend!)

Howl is a self-taught Pick Up Artist, Film Maker and Blogger. If you want more information on Howl, check out his blog NEOPTOLEMUS.




11 responses

3 06 2011

I enjoyed the post and especially enjoyed the comments and hearing everyone’s thoughts on this topic.

Me, I guess I’m just from the old school and define seduction as the chemistry and attraction between two people. But I stand my ground when I always say that the decision to act on that is between the two. No one can make you do what you don’t want to do or know within yourself is right or wrong. Yep, old school guys sorry!

But I enjoyed this one and the interaction. That’s what I love about reading different blogs. See, I even learned something new today so thank you all for that!

Adrienne 😉

4 06 2011

Thank you, we appreciate the time people take to read blogs. 🙂

And that’s a good point that I missed in the post, how:

“No one can make you do what you don’t want to do or know within yourself is right or wrong”.

26 05 2011
kesi ayvi

it lacks coherence. i didn’t really get the point. 🙂

26 05 2011


Thank you for your honesty.
Howl was pertaining to the indirectness of a Seducer, especially a Pick Up Artist. We sometimes think that seduction should be something evident or visual at some point but it isn’t . Seduction starts with the ability of person to pull a person’s emotion to get attracted to him and seduce her afterwards.

27 05 2011
kesi ayvi

thank you for appreciating my honesty.

i actually got it last night. it’s just that it took me some time to establish the connection between the two.

you said that “Seduction starts with the ability of person to pull a person’s emotion to get attracted to him and seduce her afterwards.” i guess it’s more appropriate to say that seduction starts with the “want”. i mean, wanting someone or wanting to seduce someone serves as a motivation. then, the “ability” comes afterwards. It’s like “eh ano ngayon kung kaya mong mag-seduce kung ayaw mo naman ung taong i-seduce?” or “eh ano kung gusto mo siyang i-seduce, kaya mo ba?”

26 05 2011

Thanks, I haven’t read the post with fresh eyes, and now that you mention it…*edits*

27 05 2011
kesi ayvi

it’s much better now. 🙂 as kuya armand said last night, there is always a room for improvement.

i learned something new from your post.:) good job!

26 05 2011
Karen Saballa

I will not consider that woman or man as a pick up artist.. because, it’s not their choice if people were drawn with their charisma.. Sa tingin ko kasi mayroong mga tao na sinadya ung pangseseduce nila to other people at meron din naman na walang effort.. 🙂

26 05 2011

That is very true. It’s too bad not everyone gets the respect they deserve simply because they don’t know how to respect themselves.

It’s a good thing we can work on and improve our personality so we can match and even exceed those who are simply “naturals” at this because of their upbringing.

26 05 2011

to lead astray is looking at the glass half empty. why not see it as seduction is leading towards the right path? which is towards me. hahahaha

26 05 2011

That’s a very good point. I didn’t mention ethics since that’s another article altogether.

Like any other talent, the individual can choose to use it for good…or evil. 😉

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