The Process We Call Change

3 06 2011

Lifestyle Scientist

In the past month, I have been trying to figure out, What kind of blogging voice will Lifestyle Scientist have? What topics should be posted  here? What kind of audience should it cater to? What is my long term plans and goals for LS?

Let’s Start From the Beginning

I decided to start blogging for one reason, “MONEY”.

I was about to graduate soon, I did not have plans of having a “9-5”, I wanted something that can give me time to do the more important things in life and more than anything else,  I wanted to inspire, entertain, give advice and  help people achieve their desired lifestyle.

So, I started searching around Google, saw some PTC adds, Pay per clicks and a bunch of  online programs that I think was suspicious and not for me but when I saw blogging during my search, I said this is  “For Me”.

So with no plan, no structure and no set goals.

I immediately created a new email just for my blog site, create my first WordPress account, listed down potential names for my blog(from armandpolanski to new age dude to lifestyle scientist) and started creating non-targetted post on my site, *POOF Lifestyle Scientist was born.

How One Comment Change it All?

A month ago,  in one of my most recent blog post 5 Lessons I learned Ever Since Lifestyle Scientist Started, Benny of Get Busy Living left this comment

May 18, 2011 at 5:56 pm  (Edit)

Hey Aramand. Congrats on getting started. You know what’s one positive about having a new blog? You can write about anything. Of course you should focus on your niche but you get to try out so many things. When you have the huge traffic coming in then you’ll have to make sure you’re putting up valuable content all the time.

Then you see what post gets the most comments, most view and you can refocus and shoot again.

Niche? Because of Benny I realized what was missing with Lifestyle Scientist.

It was direction.

I did not know what kind of post  that should be on Lifestyle Scientist. I didn’t have an idea on what kind of audience I want? What Uniqueness Lifestyle Scientist should have?

Clarity is Powerful

Drawing Plans

Borrowed from

Being in action is a good thing but action without a clear cut idea of what you want to do? and Where you want to go? Is called  meaningless action. It’s just crap.

So, I began writing my plans for Lifestyle Scientist. I decided on what should be read in LS.

What should LS look like? What feel should Lifestyle Scientist give it’s audience? What kind of Blogging Voice should be heard? What content should be written?

A blog is your online house, without a written blue print, it will easily fall into pieces.

Growth is a Continuous Life Process

The Continuos Process of Change

Borrowed from

Personal Development, Personal Branding and Lifestyle Design. This is what Lifestyle Scientist will be about.

It will be a product of my endless development and growth.

It will serve as a guide, an entertainment and key to the ultimate lifestyle.

The major key to making Lifestyle Scientist a success, is my ability to continuously Learn, Grow and take Action. 




4 responses

22 06 2011

I’m very much into Personal Development myself and I’m looking forward to what you’ll be dishing out the coming months.

Being in Martial Arts myself, I know the importance of having clarity of thoughts and working mind & body towards one goal.

25 06 2011

Thank you for dropping your comment. See you around then.

Armand Polanski


I am currently doing Muay Thai. Any tips?

6 06 2011

Benny was right Armand but as I always love to say, you don’t know what you don’t know. Once you learn though, it’s no place left but up.

I think those topics to talk about are ones we all love to hear. I enjoy hearing the lessons people have learned, what is going on in their particular lives and how they are growing as individuals. Hearing all of this from your own words and experience is pure joy. I have no doubt you will do extremely well and I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have in store for us.

Now, enjoy your day and your week. We’ll see you again soon.


6 06 2011

Adrienne, Its actually nice that Benny left that comment on one of my recent post, I believe it was blessing because otherwise I would have took my blogging serious. Sometimes very simple things help us progress in life and in our careers.

Thank you for dropping by Adrienne!

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