Important Business Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

13 06 2011

Only 5% of out  every person that joins a Network Marketing Company becomes successful after a year. Sad to say, I was part of the 90% that failed.

Exactly  1 year and 8 months ago, I joined my first Business Opportunity. I found investors, attended the trainings but ended up failing after a year.

I lost a lot of money(the reason why I’m broke), burnt some bridges and even lost the trust of my dear parents. I became a total wreck. But even though this disappointing failure brought me into deep state of sadness, I decided to make it as an opportunity to grow and be better.

So I listed  4 things that I learned from this temporary setback, and hopefully it can guide your way to success.


#1 Be Genuinely Interested, Excited, Happy  & Passionate.

You can say “I’m happy” but it does not mean you truly happy.

We had really great products, a great compensation and great mentors but I did not have genuinely 100% belief in what I was doing.  I had doubts on sharing the opportunity, question on whether products really worked  and even doubts if I could reach my goals with the company.

Genuine interest affects your attitude towards anything. Without it, success will be your worst enemy and failure as your best friend.

With whatever you do make sure you are Genuinely Happy, Genuinely Excited, Genuinely Interested and Genuinely

Passionate about it.

#2 Get a Mentor, Listen & Do as told.

A mentor  will  be there to guide  and support you but they are only responsible for 5% of your success, you take care of the remaining 95%.

Mentors are your living proof that it can be done. This people have what you want.They can be your successful UPLINE in network marketing,  the champion basketball coach, a success real estate investor  or award winning actor.

I was fortunate to have a mentor but I wasn’t able to grasp the idea how this things work. I did not work with him closely, I did not do told me to ac on, I made my  own decisions and chose what  I wanted to listen and follow. I failed to realized that I was the director of my success not him. I was the one who should be doing all the action not him.


# 3 Comfort is an Enemy of Success.

Comfort kills! If your goal in life is to be comfortable, I guarantee two things. First, you will never be rich. Second, you will never be happy. Happiness doesn’t come from living a lukewarm life, always wondering what could have been. Happiness comes as a result of being in our natural state of growth and living up to our fullest potential.-T. Harv Eker

One of my fears are selling and promoting. It’s is one of the things I don’t like other than school. But in Business it is undesputably the two most important aspects we need to master.For two years, I was not able to conquer that fear. Every time I try I flinched. I was afraid because it was uncomfortable. The thought of being uncomfortable froze me up and thus resulted in my inaction and failure.

To expand our horizon and in order for us to reach our maximum potential , we will break our personal comfort zone levels. This is why there are the rich and poor, it’s is a result of how far you are willing to extend and push yourself.


#4 Excellence is a Habit, Habits take times to Change and Form

Follow Excellence….Success will chase you down.-3 Idiots

Excellence is a habit. Habits is what made you right now. When you do something to the fullest of your potential every single time, you build discipline and mental  pattern. It will be engrained in your subconscious and will be brought to other things you do. This is called  the habit of being excellent every time. It becomes  you. It is the same with being mediocre.

This is why their are people who succeed immediately and their are people who takes too long. But Good News, excellence can be learned but it can take you months or years.


My Parting Words

We must be aware that failures are only stumbles along the road of success. Instead of seeing it as a setback, see it as a way for us to grow, be better and succeed faster.

Successful People like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and many other have failed too and they fell down a hundred or even a thousand times than you.


I want to hear your story, What can you share? What valuable lessons did you learn from past failures?



10 responses

15 06 2011
Dan Fonseca

“Comfort is an Enemy of Success” < really like that one. I always feel that I am doing something wrong when I feel comfortable doing it. In my mind, constant confusion and disorientation is the way to go. Thanks for the great post Armand.


15 06 2011

Hey Dan,

Thank for dropping by!

Your not alone, I feel the same way too when I am being pushed out my comfort zone.

Our mind’s job is to protect ourselves. Trying new activities that we are not usually accustomed to do, triggers that protective system which can results us to continue or stop whatever we are doing. The good news is it can be controlled.

Armand Polanski

15 06 2011
Trisha Mihira

Good points! I especially like #1

15 06 2011


Thank you very much! I hope it had help you a lot.

Armand Polanski

16 06 2011
Trisha Mihira

Definitely Armand! I have a successful career as a web designer and developer. Jewelry making though is my passion. I recently decided to take it on the road. Self hosting and developing a blog and website is a breeze for me but I need to learn about marketing and what makes a good business work! So, I do need all the good advice I can get!

16 06 2011

That’s really great your doing what you are passionate about. Have you been to There’s lot of amazing tips on how to increase your traffic.

By the way, How long have you been blogging?

13 06 2011

Good lessons to be learned. Take comfort in the fact that a common theme in all successful people is that they fail…A LOT. It’s learning from your lesson and not repeating mistakes that will make you successful in the long run.

I’m learning these lessons the hard way too.

14 06 2011


Thank you for the input! Like it our not Failures will be there along the way, so make it as you best teacher for success.

Armand Polanski

13 06 2011

Great post Aramand,

I think a lot of people will be able to relate to what you’ve shared, me included.

It takes a lot to succeed in life and in business. Believing in yourself it way up there at the top of that list. Let’s face it, if you believe in yourself then you are willing to do the work that it takes in order to succeed. You have to be teachable for one thing and you have to listen to what your mentors say as well as any training and just take those baby steps until you learn. Breaking out of that comfort zone and comfortable box we’ve been in is hard sometimes. But it sure it worth it in the end.

I’m also on my way to success, finally! I stumbled a lot like you my first time around. I didn’t have the confidence in myself and attracted all the wrong people. I wanted to help everyone even though they weren’t willing to help themselves. I’ve learned a lot about that since then and joined my 2nd opportunity almost two month ago. This time, it’s so much better and I’m doing really really well.

So thanks again for sharing your experience with us. I wish you nothing but the best and I have no doubt you are on the right road this time around.


14 06 2011


Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Belief is the only thing that separates success and real failure. I myself is still pushing through with the same opportunity. I admit it is hard to get back up but real failure is the only time you give up.

Armand Polanski

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