What American Idol Taught Me About Personal Branding

16 06 2011

This post has been long overdue. Recently, I was having “DNS”  server problems(It Sucks) with my connection where it will only last for 10 minutes  then my Internet slows downs and an “Error Page”  appears. As I result, this post has been on my drafts folder for almost a month. 

As you may know, I am a huge fan of underlying lessons. I can take any form of media from cartoons, commercials, movies, news headlines and turn it into a life lesson, a personal brand tip or any thing that can help me improve my life.

I actually think this is a disease, I developed 2 years ago.

Moving On…

A month ago, American Idol capped off it’s best season ever. Yes, I watched the whole show from start to finish. I enjoyed the crazy auditions, dramatic back stories, crazy mix of talents and a super hot judge dancing in the finale.

All throughout the duration of my AI Obsession, I have noticed a few things that I can’t seem to get my mind off:

  • Randy Jackson keeps on repeating the same line over and over again.
  • James Durbin did not go all the way to win it.
  • Ryan Seacrest looks like a cartoon.
  • Steven Tyler can’t stop cursing, and
  • AI is good at using personal branding.

AI got into not only mine but also your  subconscious.

This is what I call “Personal Branding”.

This is one of the reason why AI 10 was a huge success, is because of it’s effective use of personal branding and how it was able to enter our subconscious.

Defining the Known

Personal Branding has bean  a topic by many amazing bloggers and defining it would mean researching, reading, browsing(It means hard-work) through most of them but to give you a brief of what it is.

Personal Branding is a social imprint you leave to every single person you meet in your lifetime. It’s the impression you leave, the story they tell when asked to describe you, objects or events they associate you with or a distinct memory they had over you.

It’s YOU showing your uniqueness to the real world through different forms of media.

It’s All About Being  a Rock Star

Personal Branding is all about being your own Rock Star.

And, American Idol is one of the best in creating not only Rock Stars but “Stars” in General.

So, I’ve cooked up a list that AI does to brand and make their new found talent “STARS” and Judges  “Gods”.

From “You Dawg” to “He’s In it to Win it”

Randy Jackson always have a one liner and always repeats that same damn line over and over again.

Here See for Yourself.

This creates your subconscious imprint in a human being, when they hear the exact same line, phrase or quote  you use all the time, they instantly remember you.

Didn’t you notice some of the great bloggers use a certain phrase or word Most of the time?

 “Be like a Cartoon” says, Ryan Seacrest

In the 10 seasons of idol, Seacrest maintained one look, a dark colored tuxedo and clean haircut .

Create your own avatar. What look do you want people to remember you about? What style represents your character? Choose stick to it and then evolve from time to time.

The “Most Beautiful Woman in the World”

In the duration of the  show, Jennifer Lopez was named by People  magazines “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” and guess what they did?

For one entire episode, they were shining the spotlight on J. LO and Seacrest keeps on asking some contestants this questions, “What does it feel like to[PAUSE] perform infront of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?[Play a Broadwayish music]

Have your own name that can describe you in an instant. This is why we remember certaim bloggers because they have name that reminds us of them like problogger, theskooloflife , deepexistence, or getbusyliving. Think of your own name.

Sticking to your Country Roots

Just be who you are or who you want to be. Scotty Mcreery did this magnificently. He stuck with his country roots all through out American Idol, believe he can be a country star and won it all the way.

Since the boom of Social Media, we can create our own persona and character online, sometimes we project someone we don’t believe in. I tell you know it will not work.

Personally Branding is marketing through the internet/social media and in real world.

So, What do you think will people think if you are a different from the one they see in Facebook and Reality?

It Started  Ever Since You were Born

Personal Branding began the first time you went out of your mommy’s womb.

People around you has created a certain mental story about who they think you are, what you do and how you do things.

Exercise: Find out how other people see you. by asking 5 of your closest friends and 5 people you just met to describe you in one word. Know how others see you.




8 responses

29 06 2011

Good stuff Armand!

I like this. Personal Branding started the day you were born. I’ve spent many years trying to be someone else because I thought that was cooler. The older I got, the more I realized it was enough being me. Everyone has faults and areas where they shine. Highlight the positives and work on the negatives on the mean time.

2 07 2011

Thank you for enjoying my post Allan! We always think to be cool, our whole personality should conform with society but it shouldn’t be that way. People around us will like us for who we really are and not who create.

See you around, Allan!

23 06 2011

Great Post Armand 🙂

I had a chance to watch American Idol in South Africa a while ago (No Idol in Cambodia at the moment 🙂 and noticed the different personal strategies. It’s all about what you want to be I guess…I stick with Shoestring Traveler Expert…ha ha ha!

Cheers and Aloha,

25 06 2011

Thank you Marco. Your in Cambodia right now? Where do you really live?

21 06 2011

Wonderful post! Some people think that watching American Idol is a waste of time. But there are a lot of lessons one can learn from it. So yes, the time you waste is never wasted! 😀

I like that exercise and I am thinking about asking my friends. I believe that people know you better than you know yourself…

Thanks for this great post. I really enjoyed it!


22 06 2011

Mouh, Thank you for dropping a comment!

Yes, once you view the world as a book where you can learn anything, your will of see things differently. We can get a lot of value out of the TV shows we watch and follow, it just takes different context and approach to find the lesson.

Enjoy the exercise, it’s really meant to help you become a better individual.

See you around Mouh!


Armand Polanski

16 06 2011

Great post on personal branding. Haha, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch American Idol the same way again.

Personally I’ve always thought Ryan Seacrest’s media personality was kinda douchey, but I must admit – the guy’s a hustler. He works incredibly hard and is a straight brilliant at branding himself to grow his media empire. Good lessons to takeaway from

17 06 2011

Thank you Paul! Ryan Seacrest understands branding is important that’s why his media empire is keeps on growing and growing.

Armand Polanski

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