How A 9-5 Job Can Change My Life

22 07 2011

Sorry it took me a while to write a new post on Lifestyle Scientist again. For the past few weeks, I have been busy with my new job. It’s quite stressful because I always work from evening to morning and when I get home, I’d sleep the whole day to regain energy.

I’m working as a customer service associate or a call boy(Male prostitute in the Philippines–It’s a metaphor, okay?) for one awesome company here in the Philippines. If you were browsing Lifestyle Scientist you would see that it’s one of my goals to be a customer service associate. It’s not the best job in the world but I applied for one reason, habit.

I have no plans of working for another person’s dream forever. I want to be CEO of my own company,rule the world and live in my own island. A 9-5 wouldn’t get me there but it can prepare me for the roller coaster ride.

Two Important Things To Succeed in Life

1. If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you can’t do it, you can’t. It’s that simple. Your mind is the only thing that stops you from doing great things.

2. Results matter. It does not matter if you have the best stories in the world or you talk about success, you have a lot of millionaire friend, or you know a lot about business because of books, what matters is the reality you have now.

I was able to master the first one but the second I did not and failed severely.

For the whole of my life, I was a good student but I did not care about results. What mattered to me is getting a passing score, getting by, enjoy college and don’t get stressed out. This became a habit whenever I do anything from blogging, sports and even dating, I was mediocre.

I took this job  because I knew it can help. Our company highly focuses on performance and  results alone. We are promoted based on score card grades but If you perform poorly  you will be terminated.

It’s the same attitude that an entrepreneur has, perform or go hungry. The things that I will be learning here can help and hopefully, I change for the better.

What Matters is Building the Habit

The habit of being at your best every time is gold. It does not matter whether you succeed or fail , as long as you give everything on the line.

Habit is a bodily pattern we program our body and mind to do. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?Do you notice a pattern? Do you always get up the same way every morning? This is habit. It applies to everything we do, no matter what it may be. Our habits reflect the result of  any project,a new venture and even our life. This the main reason why you who you are right now.

Change will take time

Habits take time to develop but to change it needs triple the time. I chose this job because of two things; focus on performance and repeating work cycle.

Before I hate scorecards but now I love them. Scorecards are a hit on the head. It tell if you are doing well or if you suck. Score cards combined with 8 hours of work means habit development. According to research, it takes 21 days to fully change a routine but it takes 60 or more days to make it temporary.

I have never been excited in my life. Change is constant, I will make it my ally.

That’s all for now, talk to you soon.




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8 11 2011

Hi Armand,

I have similar aspirations, experiences, and goals as you. I’ve also had to return to a 9-5 job to meet ends meet. The schedule of work has its ups and downs but it keeps me on a good routine. It seems that you are definitively on your way to achieving what you want. From what I see so far, you’ve got your aim in focus and the right positive mindset to get there!

20 09 2011

I agree, if you say you can’t do something, you most definitely can’t. A positive attitude is the way to go. Thanks for this post Armand. Goodluck with your new job.

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

23 08 2011

Keep it up Armand!

I agree that results matter. Having a scoreboard keeps you in check on how you’re doing and if you are performing well. But as with anything, there’s another side to it all.

I’m also a huge advocate for “the value of effort”. Just the simple act of effort. You doing the best you can despite the results is something valuable and fulfilling.

7 09 2011

Hey there Allan,

I do agree on putting effort to what you as long as it should be consistent and at your best all the time.

Armand Polanski

16 08 2011
Bryce Christiansen

That’s awesome Armand,

I’m living the nine to five as well. It definitely has it’s benefits.

Being able to pay the bills and build incredible talent are just a few at the top of my list. I too hope to supplement some of my bills with passive income or my own business on the side.

Right now I’m focusing on honing those skills.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Hope to visit often,


19 08 2011

Thank you for dropping a comment. Some may think a 9-5 sucks but when you look into the things it can give you will have a different perspective. Passive income really sounds good. I’m also working on some things for this.

Cheers! See you around Bryce!

Armand Polanski

15 08 2011

I agree with your post. It’s all about chaning your mindset. Once you do this, very few people can stop you.

19 08 2011

Righteous! A different perspective can get you to places you never thought you can. See you around Vic!

27 07 2011

I have to agree with the concept that change takes time. Change is inevitable and is something that you should never fear but embrace.

27 07 2011

Thank you very much for taking to drop a comment Jonathan.

Yes, change is something we should learn to accept because it is the only thing that will help us succeed.

23 07 2011
Justin | Personal Development

Hi Armand,
Kamusta ka,
Good luck on your new job. I became self-employed this year starting with my blog and I also have another business. It took me some time to get here but I am happy being my own boss.

Habits are something that I can establish very easily. Working the nightshift is tough, hang in there.

23 07 2011

Hey there Justin,

Mabuti naman ako. Where did you learn to speak Tagalog?I really love the sound of being your own boss, How is it treating you?
Great Working habits have been my long time challenge, hopefully this job can set things the way I want it to be.

Thank you for dropping a comment and see you soon.

27 07 2011

My wife is from Samar. The best part of being my own boss is that allows me a more flexible schedule.

27 07 2011

That’s great to hear Justin and I working being my own boss soon.

22 07 2011

Congratulations on the new position, it sounds like it’s something that you wanted. I have no doubt that you will learn what you set out to and then take what you learn and apply it to your growing business. You have big dreams and those can become a reality with hard work. You are the type of person who will do the work and get those results.

Look forward to hearing how things go for you in the coming months. Welcome back, we missed you.


22 07 2011

Thank you Adrienne for the wonderful comment. I am enjoying my new job because of the numerous that I am learning about my work ethic, habits and personality. It is an awesome learning process for me and hopefully, I can grow to extent that I want to.

I will be blogging regularly since I am getting a hang of the 10pm to 6am work schedule, it’s a bit toxic but for my dreams, I will make ways to make it possible.

See you soon Adrienne.

Armand Polanski

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