Driving in an Endless Road

23 04 2011

Do you get in your car and drive-off without a destination? The only time you would stop is because you are tired from the endless drive, a you saw something interesting or  you were hungry or  you needed the bathroom break. I did. I just took the road where life would want to take me. Read the rest of this entry »


Our house mascot is getting bigger everyday

20 04 2011

Our house mascot is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

His name is “Kobe” named after Kobe Bryant,  because my dad hate the lakers.

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Unusually doing Household Chores: Stages of Change

19 04 2011

Prochaska’s Stages of Change (Prochaska & colleagues 1994)

I am damn lazy person. I don’t fix my bed. I don’t clean my room. I don’t do my dishes. I only shave every 7 days and I don’t put deodorant if  I don’t go out. But just recently, I was beginning to get back in shape, even started organizing my emails, washed some of my dishes and fixed by bed after I woke up. I really doing the works on me, like an old car getting tuned up.

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Walking Under the Scorching Heat of the Sun

19 04 2011

I was walking in “Krus Na Ligas” looking for a “room for rent” or “Bedspace” to stay-in for the summer while I complete my “INCOMPLETE” grading in one of my subjects.

Today, was so damn  hot. My sweat glands getting milked like a cow attached to a juicing machine. I looked awful, you’d be like digusted if you saw the amount of perspiration that my glands has produced.

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Biatch Under Murderful Procrastination: State of Broke

15 04 2011

“Broke is temporay, Poor is internal.”-Anonymous

Just came home from a B.O.M.(Business Opportunity Meeting), while listening to awesome success stories & mega-persuasive speakers, I realized I was broke.

Yup, you heard I am officially swimming underwater.

How broke am I?

-I can’t even buy a piece of candy .

-I have to sell scrap or bottles for money.

-If theres no food in Refrigerator, I go hungry.

-I am 23 and I depend on my Mom and Dad(and even from younger brothers) for money.

-I can’t leave the house except if it is within our community, if the car has no gas and it does not involve me paying for toll gate.

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Lifestyle Scientist at Work

7 04 2011