How A 9-5 Job Can Change My Life

22 07 2011

Sorry it took me a while to write a new post on Lifestyle Scientist again. For the past few weeks, I have been busy with my new job. It’s quite stressful because I always work from evening to morning and when I get home, I’d sleep the whole day to regain energy.

I’m working as a customer service associate or a call boy(Male prostitute in the Philippines–It’s a metaphor, okay?) for one awesome company here in the Philippines. If you were browsing Lifestyle Scientist you would see that it’s one of my goals to be a customer service associate. It’s not the best job in the world but I applied for one reason, habit. Read the rest of this entry »

What American Idol Taught Me About Personal Branding

16 06 2011

This post has been long overdue. Recently, I was having “DNS”  server problems(It Sucks) with my connection where it will only last for 10 minutes  then my Internet slows downs and an “Error Page”  appears. As I result, this post has been on my drafts folder for almost a month. 

As you may know, I am a huge fan of underlying lessons. I can take any form of media from cartoons, commercials, movies, news headlines and turn it into a life lesson, a personal brand tip or any thing that can help me improve my life.

I actually think this is a disease, I developed 2 years ago.

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Important Business Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

13 06 2011

Only 5% of out  every person that joins a Network Marketing Company becomes successful after a year. Sad to say, I was part of the 90% that failed.

Exactly  1 year and 8 months ago, I joined my first Business Opportunity. I found investors, attended the trainings but ended up failing after a year. Read the rest of this entry »

The Process We Call Change

3 06 2011

Lifestyle Scientist

In the past month, I have been trying to figure out, What kind of blogging voice will Lifestyle Scientist have? What topics should be posted  here? What kind of audience should it cater to? What is my long term plans and goals for LS?

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An Introduction to Seduction

26 05 2011

The Baby and The Duck

As the introductory post on Seduction here  at the Lifestyle Scientist, I’d like to define the topic first. So before we head any deeper…

Seduction originally meant “to lead astray” with its Italian root word being“seducere”: which meant if you were a kid in Renaissance Italy, and were chasing away a duck with a stick instead of running errands for your Mama, then you have been led astray by a duck. You had just been seduced.

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Two Pre-Requisites for your Dream Lifestyle

20 05 2011

Mone on Hand

Whatever lifestyle you want to attain 3-5 years from now, it will require two things; overflowing Money and control over your Time.

If you think Money is Not Important, Think Again

Money is the only thing that can give us almost anything we want and I mean anything. It can buy us the tangible things, some say it cannot buy things like happiness, fulfillment and other intangible object but it can act as a bridge for us to achieve this things. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Lessons I Learned Ever Since Lifestyle Scientist Started

17 05 2011

Lifestyle Scientist is my first ever “serious blog”. Recently, I was having some breakdowns on my blogging. It really hurts for me to go zero post production in Lifestyle Scientist for 1 week and almost a whole. It felt like I was committing a huge blogging sin.

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